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Similar to the EdgeRouter, the USG supports most common configuration tasks from the web UI, but advanced configuration is only available from the command line. While you can configure a VPN tunnel to AWS from the UI, it does not allow you to configure redundancy or Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). The next step is to create a Virtual Private Gateway (VPG) on the AWS site. It plays the same role as the Oracle OCI Dynamic Routing Gateway. We can see the gateway is still detached from the VPC. We need to attach it. Another AWS gateway, Virtual Private Gateway (VPG) allows AWS to provide connectivity from AWS to other networks via VPN or Direct Connect.

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main: we name this section ‘main’ since we only have a single VPC (can be any name you wish). AWS services or capabilities described in AWS documentation might vary by Region. Type: AWS::EC2::VPC Properties: CidrBlock: String EnableDnsHostnames: Boolean This is a documentation on how to setup the standard virtual private network (VPC) in AWS with the basic security configurations using Terraform.

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Login to your AWS Account, and go to the VPC Dashboard.

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AWS Site-to-Site VPN crea túneles cifrados entre su red y sus instancias de Amazon Virtual Private Cloud o AWS Transit Gateway. Amazon VPN en la nube permite aprovisionar una sección de la nube de AWS. Cree su propia red virtual privada en la nube para el hospedaje de aplicaciones, alojamiento web en la nube y recuperación de desastres. ¡Aproveche las distintas capas de seguridad de Amazon VPN! Virtual Private Gateway (VPG) and Customer Gateways (CGWs) Virtual Private Gateway (VPG) are VPN concentrator on AWS side of the VPN connection between the two networks. Customer Gateway (CGW) represents a physical device or a software application on the customer’s side of the VPN connection. If there's a device failure within AWS, your VPN connection automatically fails over to the second tunnel so that your access isn't interrupted. From time to time, AWS also performs routine maintenance on the VPN connection which might briefly disable one of the two tunnels of your VPN connection. To establish VPN connection in AWS,need Customer Gateway (CG) and Virtual Private Gateway (VPG).

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Its similar traditional site to site VPN. The difference is one end is your office router or appliance and another end is AWS router. But in AWS side you can see everything as virtual resources. For more information, see Route tables and VPN route priority in the AWS Site-to-Site VPN User Guide.

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The tunnels themselves appear to be up but nothing is getting through either way. I suspect something is wrong in the routing. In the VPC I have four subnets, all of Terraform AWS VPC Stack. Terraform module for deployment and management of an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and related resources.

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Most of the major VPN hardware vendors have supported template configurations that can be downloaded directly from the virtual private gateway interface within your VPC via the AWS console.